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Texas family law attorneys provide legal counsel on adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Family Law |

No two divorces are the same. Some divorce issues may see alike but each divorce has its own set of complexities. For example, high asset divorces involve many more financial issues than other divorces. A Texas resident on the divorce path should consult with a family law attorney in all divorce matters to make the journey easier.

Many divorce cases have circumstances where the legal rights of one parent may have to be ended, for example, so a step-parent can legally adopt a spouse’s child. In some cases, adoption of a child by a step-parent is in the best interests of that child and the court would approve it.

However, sometimes termination proceedings become quite difficult and stressful, especially when a parent opposes it. The GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE represents parents rationally, fairly and in a straight-forward manner during termination proceedings, where emotions typically run high. Whatever the case may be, the goal of our Texas attorneys is the best interests of the client and child.

Each termination and adoption proceeding is different too, with each family law case evolving from a different issue or a combination of factors, such as illness, drug abuse, sexual abuse, assault or abandonment. GUNNSTAKS Law attorneys have experience in handling many kinds of cases, such as when a father has relinquished rights so that the child can be adopted by the step-parent, or when adoption of the child by grandparents is favored because of illegal behavior of parents.

In many cases, a foster parent may want a biological mother to relinquish rights so that he or she may adopt the child, or grandparents want the right to adopt. Sometimes, a child’s father may throw obstacles in the mother’s path and prevent adoption by the mother’s current husband. Each case is unique and requires the individual support that can best be provided by an experienced and understanding attorney.