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Legal intervention may be necessary in child support cases

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2015 | Child Support |

Many Texas residents would agree that divorce matters become more complex when they involve children. Typically, children are slower to come to terms with a divorce because they still want their parents to be together. In the best interest of the children, a Texas court gives custody to one parent and orders the other to pay child support, which is mandatory in Texas. Very often, the amount of child support is a divorce issue that is hotly disputed.

Texas has income guidelines that are used to calculate child support. GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE has attorneys experienced in handling all aspects of determining child support. They ensure that income and expense figures are calculated properly so that the child support amount derived is correct. If the calculation is correct, the numbers will usually work for the client. These attorneys work hard to ensure that payments are fair to both the client and the children involved.

An experienced attorney also considers the best interest of the child and works to ensure that the child grows up in the best possible environment. That includes working to ensure that the lifestyle to which a child is accustomed will be maintained after the divorce, as far as possible.

We ensure that not just hourly wages and salaries are used to calculate child support. Other income sources should also be considered, such as commissions received on sales, retirement benefits, pension, bonus, dividend, capital gains, rent received, alimony, interest income, overtime, fringe benefits and others. Even Social Security income has to be factored into calculating child support. An experienced attorney is the best source of advice for these matters.