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Texas man long wanted for child custody interference arrested

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Child Custody |

Child custody, anywhere in the United States, including in Texas, can be a complicated issue. Former spouses may argue over child custody matters and some may even flee with the child, ignoring court orders in the process.

In a recent case, a Texas man, who abducted his child 23 years ago, has been arrested. The 58-year old man is being held in another state and will be extradited to Texas. The man is being held on charges of disobeying child custody orders. In complete disregard for the child custody orders, the father just left town with the boy when the child was a little over a year old. The FBI got involved and the man has been charged with illegal flight to avoid prosecution.

According to newspaper reports, the man picked up the toddler from his ex-spouse’s house and disappeared in 1992. The boy’s mother did not see her son or his father after that. The mother says that, for years, she felt very sad in May, her son’s birthday month and in June, the month in which the boy was abducted by his father. Texas authorities stated that the last lead in the case came in 2011, when someone reported that they had seen the father-and-son pair in Ohio, where they were eating in a restaurant.

An official of the Texas FBI branch stated that he had been in close touch with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other agencies across America. Ultimately, the father-and-son pair was traced to New York State. The child who was abducted is now a young man of 23 and he is doing well.

Child custody is often a sensitive matter and it may be a wise idea to consult an attorney, who can help the person to navigate through the legal system successfully.

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