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Celebrity Morena Baccarin in child custody, alimony battle

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Divorce |

If there is one thing that can be learned from celebrity divorces it is that regardless of how much wealth and fame a couple may have, they are still subject to the same divorce issues as any other couple. Property division, child custody, child custody and alimony often must be arranged and like with millions of other divorces, it can get messy.

Texas residents may be familiar with the popular television series “Homeland” and its star, Morena Baccarin. However, many may not be aware of the fact that the actress is in the midst of a heated divorce. Divorce documents were recently filed by her husband and his demands may prove interesting for readers.

Baccarin’s husband is claiming that the actress is earning $1.5 million every year. Because of this, he is asking for part of that income for child support, as well as spousal support and nanny expenses, which add up to $3,000 every month. What’s more, he also wants physical custody of the couple’s child, claiming that Baccarin is constantly travelling for her profession and that this is not healthy for the child.

Divorce can quickly become complicated, especially when there are children involved. Depending on each parent’s work situation, child custody arrangements are not always obvious. Sometimes, like if a parent works part time and is home all the time, it is readily apparent which parent should have physical custody. When both parents work, though, a divorce battle may ensue.

When working to resolve these divorce issues, it is often helpful to have an attorney by a spouse’s side helping to fight for a fair outcome. Armed with legal knowledge and a thorough strategy, a spouse may be able to obtain a divorce agreement that is agreeable to both parties.

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