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High asset divorce sees man living in his own front yard

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Divorce |

In Texas, the end of a marriage can evolve in a long-standing dispute over many different things. Once the divorce process is underway, there can be a battle over property division, financial holdings, sentimental items and much more. If it is a high asset divorce, it is even more likely that there will be a major dispute over who gets what. Some of these disagreements go to the extreme and result in a situation that is particularly strange and newsworthy.

A 69-year-old man who was in the midst of a divorce from his wife spent the last five months of the marriage living in his own yard. According to the man, he is the registered owner of the property and refused to leave until his wife decided not to move forward with the proceeding. The man has health issues and was hospitalized several times during his residence outside the home. His neighbors assisted him by giving him food in spite of the wife’s request that they not do that.

Since he owns the home, law enforcement could not intervene. The man’s wife, who is a doctor, finally had the divorce finalized. She was also named as the owner of the home. Once that was completed, the police were able to force the man to leave. He did so without complaint. The records indicate that the man had been placed under arrest in a domestic violence incident in 2008. In December 2014, the man’s wife had taken out an order of protection against him. She has also requested numerous restraining orders against him.

Given the strange nature of this case and the clear backstory between the man and his wife, it is one of the more unusual divorces that can come up. Every marriage that ends has its own reasons for doing so. Whether the end of a marriage is amicable, contentious or, as in this case, odd, it is always beneficial to have sound understanding of the process and of the person’s rights.

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