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Texas man faces delinquent payments of $100,000

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2015 | Child Support |

A couple in Texas that shares a child needs to care for that child even if they are no longer together as a couple. Often that means one parent will have custody of the child and the other will pay child support. The supporting parent is required to adhere to the terms of the support agreement and make the monthly payments in time and in full. If these are not paid, then the parent will be subject to pursuit from child support enforcement agencies for delinquent payments.

A 37-year-old father is in arrears for slightly more than $100,000 in child support. The man was initially given the order to make the payments of $365 each month for three children in 2002. Since that time, there have been years in which he has not paid anything at all. The children are now ranging in age between 15-years-old and 19-years-old. According to the records, the man has paid approximately $15,700 since the couple parted ways.

The Texas Attorney General’s office is now pursuing him. He has been ordered to be incarcerated because of his failure to pay, but enforcement has had trouble catching him. The man works in construction, but is often paid in cash making it difficult to determine exactly how much money he has and to garnish it to pay for his children.

Although these situations are often difficult to settle, it is important for parents who are supposed to receive payments according to the support agreement that they get what is owed. The supporting parent does not have a choice in the matter — the payments are required. This is when child support enforcement needs to get involved. Those who are not receiving their payments need to know what steps to take to try and get the money.

A legal case and the threat of jail is frequently the only thing that a delinquent parent understands. The man in this case owes a substantial amount of money for his children and that money has accrued over 13 years. This is not an uncommon circumstance. Those who are facing similar issues need to understand their legal rights so they get the money they need.

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