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Former NFL star and ex-wife in child custody dispute in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Child Custody |

Child custody issues can arise with anyone, anywhere throughout Texas. These happen often, and in some instances they even happen to people who are famous in the sports and entertainment industry. Regardless of who is involved in a child custody dispute, the same issues — albeit in a different financial stratosphere — frequently come up. It can include visitation rights and child custody rights.

Pro football Hall of Famer and former National Football League star Deion Sanders was back in court with his former wife regarding their child custody dispute. Sanders, who played for the Dallas Cowboys as well as four other teams, has been embroiled in the situation with his ex-wife for an extended period and the judge in the case wants it settled. In December of 2014, his ex-wife was arrested and spent a week in jail for contempt of court. Sanders sought to have an order that his former wife would have less visitation time with their three children. In addition to the child custody battle, Sanders filed a defamation suit alleging that his ex-wife took to social media to make allegations of attempted murder and child abuse among other crimes against him.

Child custody can go beyond the simple matter of a couple getting a divorce, coming to an agreement and moving on. There are numerous options under Texas law including the children living with both parents for an equal amount of time; them living with one parent with visitation for the other; a limited amount of contact between the non-custodial parent and the children; or no contact whatsoever. The situation will dictate how the child custody and visitation is allocated and it is imperative to have a strong legal foundation in any case.

These issues can arise with any couple that shares a child. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an NFL star and Hall of Fame member or a person who works a normal job whose marriage came to an end. Those who are confronted with issues similar to those Sanders and his former wife are dealing with or any other child custody dispute need to discuss the matter with an experienced legal professional to try and achieve a satisfactory outcome for them and the children.

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