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Seeking a post-divorce modification with a Texas attorney

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Family Law |

When spouses in Texas go through a divorce and reach a settlement, they might be under the impression that there cannot be any changes to the agreement. However, a post-divorce modification can happen for a multitude of reasons. There could be a need or desire for a custodial parent to move. One of the former spouses could choose to remarry. There could be a sickness that arises in one of the former spouses or a child. Regardless of the reason, having legal help in seeking a modification is imperative.

For every reason that a modification is desired, there are different factors that will go into whether or not it can be done. With parental relocation, it is sometimes possible to have a custodial parent want to move away from where he or she lived before and even move out of Texas entirely. If the other parent objects to the attempt, this can be a difficult process that must be settled with a modification to the agreement. With some couples, there is substance abuse. If a parent who has custody or visitation rights is believed to have been using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol, the modification can be requested to protect the child.

Some relationships have domestic violence. If there is abuse, that is a legitimate reason for the petition to modify the agreement for the safety of the child. This can be done with a protective order and an emergency order to alter the agreement. With child support agreements, a parent or supporting spouse might have a change in circumstances such as a lost job or a change of job that makes the agreement untenable and needs to be changed even for a brief period. If a former spouse who is receiving alimony payments decides to remarry or lives with someone, then this can affect the needs that predicated the amount of support that was awarded.

Having experienced legal help can make a profound difference when it comes to a dispute about custody, child support or other support payments and a post-divorce modification. When seeking these changes, the first call should be to an attorney who is well-versed in Texas family law issues. At GUNNSTAKS Law, we have a wealth of experience in handling these kinds of issues. Our firm’s website contains helpful information about our service, and it has resources about a variety of family law topics.