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Matthew Knowles ordered to pay child support to mother of child

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Child Support |

Child support enforcement in Texas does not discriminate on who it pursues. Whether formerly married or in a long-term relationship with the other parent or not, the payments must be made. It does not matter if the parent is wealthy, famous, prominent or had the child as part of an extramarital affair – the payments are required. If the child support obligor does not make the payments in full and on-time, the custodial parent can pursue the other parent to receive the proper payments through the justice system.

Matthew Knowles, who came to fame as the manager and father of singer and actress Beyonce Knowles, was ordered to pay child support to a woman with whom he had a child outside of his marriage. The Texas judge chastised Mr. Knowles for having paid the woman $225,000 to stay silent about his paternity of the baby girl. The judge said that Mr. Knowles became aware of the baby being his in September of 2009 while the woman was pregnant, and he came to an agreement with her that she would not use the court system to pursue child support payments.

The baby was born in 2010 and the woman filed a lawsuit against Mr. Knowles in 2014. The dispute has been ongoing since the case was filed. Recently, the court ordered Mr. Knowles to pay roughly $71,000 in back child support. In addition, he will have to pay just short of $1,500 in monthly payments, the health insurance to provide for the child’s care. The court also ordered Knowles to pay the woman’s attorney’s fees, which amounted to $50,000.

While this case involves a well-known man in the entertainment industry with significant means, the law protects everyone who has a child and is being subjected to delinquent payments by the supporting parent. There are penalties and child support enforcement tactics that can be used to get the supporting parent to pay. If there is an issue getting the proper payments, it is important to contact a lawyer experienced in child support cases.

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