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Former pro football player pursued for delinquent payments

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2016 | Child Support |

Texas child support enforcement does not discriminate on whom it pursues. Regardless of who it is, how prominent they might be and how much money they earn, the payments are required to be made in full and on time. A failure to do so can lead to legal problems that will not go away until the payments are up to date. Those who do not follow the requirements for child support will be confronted with a litany of penalties.

A former player in the National Football League who did not make all of his child support payments during a 29-year period owes more than $320,000 to his former wife. The mother of the child says that she was responsible for the care of the child. Because she was having trouble getting the payments, the woman contacted the Office of the Attorney General in Texas to try and settle the matter. This was in 2007 when the amount owed was slightly more than $257,000.

In court, the former requirement that the father pay $150 each month was deemed to be insufficient. The amount was increased to $370 each month and the judge also decreed that the man’s employer pay that to the woman. Although the woman felt like she had achieved something, in reality she had not. By December of 2015, the OAG attorneys tried to come to a new amount to be paid. In spite of the man having paid more than $56,500, he still owed more than $320,000. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order was issued requiring the man’s NFL retirement account to pay half of what he receives, to the woman.

When a parent owes child support and does not pay it, the first reaction on the part of the parent who is supposed to receive the payments is often anger and frustration. It can be difficult to pursue payments according to the support agreement, especially if the relationship is strained. However, those who are not being paid what is owed need to know they have rights to pursue the payments under the law. Speaking to an attorney experienced in helping clients who are dealing with delinquent payments can provide information as to how to proceed.

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