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Family law covers many bases; what applies depends on your issue

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Family Law |

Family relationships can get very complicated. So can the laws that cover the many issues that may arise. Many in Texas might be surprised at all the bases that the law seeks to cover. Because of the scope of coverage and the consequences of not being compliant with the law, it becomes clear that working with a qualified family law attorney is good common sense.

What follows is not meant to be a comprehensive rundown of the various family law issues that someone in the Plano area might face. It does, however, provide a perspective that may be eye-opening. In some cases, the matters involved can intersect with other areas including bankruptcy and even criminal law.

The most common family issue may be the dissolution of a marriage. While trends in divorce appear to put emphasis on mediation and forms of settling through the use of alternative dispute resolution, disputes commonly disrupt any hopes of an amicable solution. Regardless of the circumstances, you want to be confident that the advocate working on your behalf is prepared for whatever turns your case might take.

Where children are involved, special needs may come into play. The best interests of the children are supposed to take precedence under the law, but the rights of the parents can’t be ignored. Identifying your own interests, striving to protect them, and still satisfy the court’s obligation to put children’s needs first may require tact, as well as skill in drafting necessary legal documents.

Circumstances addressed in those documents often change from year to year. Changes in circumstances often require modifications in custody, visitation or support arrangements. To avoid intersecting with other areas of law, modifications must be properly drafted nad must then also be approved by the courts.

Regardless of the nature of your family law situation — amicable or contentious, high-asset or low, involving multiple layers of the law or not — you should consider the advantages of contacting an experienced attorney to learn how your rights can best be protected.