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A contentious divorce in Texas requires legal support

On Behalf of | May 15, 2016 | Divorce |

The dissolution of a marriage can be a complicated endeavor. Even when both sides really want a divorce, the general process can become contentious. Because of all that is at stake and how the aftermath can impact Texas parents and those seeking to start anew, legal support is typically needed as divorce proceedings get underway.

One area of obvious contention involves any underage children of the parties. An attorney can help keep an abusive parent or one who is struggling with an addiction away from children and ensure a fair and healthy visitation agreement is reached. A divorce may also lead one parent to try and terminate the parental rights of the other, meaning legal representation is needed immediately.

The proceedings can become a stalemate for both parties as far as finances are concerned. This may happen if a prenuptial agreement is contested by one party. The division of assets is challenging and sometimes involves one party hiding assets from  the other. A skilled legal representative can uncover and account for those assets, making sure a fair property settlement is reached.

A divorce requires personal attention as each situation and each person’s needs can be vastly different and require a unique and personal perspective. With proper legal guidance from the outset, anyone in Texas going through a divorce can be sure to have a fair and timely outcome so as to move forward as soon as possible. Our website has more information about divorce and the importance of legal protection.