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Tips on preparing for an initial consultation with a lawyer

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Family Law |

If you are considering a divorce or are in the midst of a custody or parenting time battle, chances are that you will be advised by family and friends to get an attorney. After all, going to court by yourself without knowing the rules and nuances of how things work could be harmful to your case.  Also, the advice you get about the process may be limited because it may based only on their past (yet painful) experiences.  

Because of all this, it is important to know the basics surrounding the adversarial process. At the same time, you should take time to determine if the attorneys you meet with are best for you. This is commonly accomplished through an initial consultation. This post will give some helpful tips in preparing for one. 

Keep things in perspective – Indeed, family law issues (i.e. divorces and child custody disputes) can be highly emotional. So make sure you understand that the initial meeting is not a gripe session or a therapy appointment. Be sure to stick to the legal issues you are seeking advice about.

Be prepared to discuss your assets and debts – In an initial meeting, a lawyer will want to analyze your financial situation to identify any issues that can affect the proceedings. As such, be prepared to share information about your assets and debts.  

Think about realistic goals – Indeed, most people embroiled in a divorce just want to move on with life, as long as they are not saddled with debt. They also want a reasonable schedule to spend time with their children. It is important to have these goals in mind. If you do, you may be on your way to achieving a positive result.