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Divorce for the rich and non-famous

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Divorce |

When a celebrity couple decides to end their marriage, it typically involves complicated financial matters, such as royalty rights, division of multiple properties and much more. While the issues that are present in a high asset divorce are much more visible when celebrities are involved, many wealthy couples are able to quietly navigate the legal process without unnecessary drama. It is possible to negotiate a settlement that is financially beneficial, even when it involves a large amount of money.

For many of these couples, property division will be carried out according to the details of a prenuptial agreement. When drafted correctly and legally sound, these agreements take much of the difficulty out of divorce. If there is no prenuptial agreement, wealthy Texas couples would be wise to work with a Board-Certified Family Law expert lawyer experienced in high asset divorces in order to protect their long-term interests.

Avoiding lengthy and expensive litigation involves an honest assessment of one’s divorce goals and desires for his or her post-divorce life. An honest evaluation is necessary to determine what is possible, practical and sustainable after the process is finalized. This step helps develop realistic expectations, which will make complicated financial negotiations easier to navigate and less stressful.

A celebrity divorce may bring public attention to the financial concerns of the wealthy, but it is possible to settle a divorce without making headlines or enduring costly litigation. By working with an experienced legal professional, one can know his or her options and approach divorce with reasonable expectations. It is best to begin this process by seeking a complete case evaluation with a Texas Board-Certified Family Law expert divorce lawyer.

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