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Appropriate grounds for modifying your support or custody order

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Family Law |

Divorce will bring radical changes to a Texas family, and these changes may continue to impact your family long after the process is final. When these changes begin to complicate your life or affect your financial health, you may consider the legal options available. You may have valid grounds to seek a modification to your child support or spousal maintenance order.

Adapting to changes in life can sometimes be overwhelming. Significant changes may leave you unable to pay child support, requiring more support than before or unable to maintain your financial obligations as the non-custodial parent. Instead of ignoring the problem or attempting to establish a verbal agreement with the other parent or ex-spouse, work with an experienced family law attorney for a legal solution that suits your needs.

Significant life changes may be grounds for a post-divorce modification

In addition to the financial strain that significant life changes can bring, you may also find yourself unable to meet the demands of your current child custody agreement. It is important to seek an explanation of your legal options if any of the following have affected your ability to abide by the terms of your custody or support order:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse: If a parent has issues with substance abuse, it can alter his or her ability to supervise the children or meet financial obligations.
  • Parental relocation: Remarriage, family needs or a new job may require that a parent relocate to a different city or state, affecting an existing custody order.
  • Job changes: If a parent loses his or her job or takes a job that pays less, it could necessitate a change to an existing child or spousal support order.
  • Domestic abuse: Violence or the threat of abuse is grounds to have a custody order modified.
  • Co-habitation or remarriage: This life change may be grounds to modify child support or alimony payments.

Regardless of which side of a support or custody order you are on, you retain the right to work for practical and sustainable changes.

The help you need to protect your interests

Seeking a post-divorce modification may be the most beneficial way to protect your financial interest and parental rights in light of the changes that have affected your life. When circumstances allow an adjustment to your obligations or custody order, it may provide your family a better, more stable future.