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Handling visitation issues during the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Child Custody |

For many Texas parents, the holidays pose a particular set of challenges. During or immediately after a divorce, many parents struggle with dividing time with their children during the holiday season. Achieving a fair and child-centered visitation schedule is important, both for parents and children. The following tips are offered in the hopes of easing stress and strife in the weeks ahead.

Above all else, parents should strive to take a collaborative approach during the holiday season. At times, that means setting aside one’s own needs in favor of doing what is right for the children. That might take the form of  allowing visitation outside of the established schedule so that children can spend time with grandparents and other extended family members from the other side of the family.

It is also important to avoid speaking ill of the child’s other parent, an approach that is often easier said than done. Parents should remember that the tension that exists between adults is not something that a child is equipped to handle. Speaking negatively about the other parent only serves to undermine a child’s self-esteem. It can be easy to forget that a child identifies with both parents, even after a divorce has changed the structure of the family. 

The holidays are a time when schedules easily become complicated, even when a family remains intact. Once divorce and visitation comes into the mix, many parents feel overwhelmed with the demands that are placed on their time. By making a conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude during the holiday season, Texas parents are giving their children a gift beyond compare.

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