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New aid for delinquent child support collection in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Child Support |

When divorce or paternity results in the need for child support payments to be made by a parent, the state of Texas has guidelines used to establish the payment amount. Ideally the payments are then made in full at the prescribed time. However, the reality of non-payment of child support is a problem many parents have to deal with and overcome.

Parents in Texas who fall behind on their child support payments may now find themselves blocked from renewing their vehicle registration when it becomes due. If vehicle owners haven’t made a child support payment in more than six months, they now receive notices 90 days prior to their vehicles’ registration expiration dates. The notice informs them that child support payment plans must be established before the registrations expire or the renewals could be denied.

The first notices were sent this past September to more than 7,200 Texas parents who were delinquent and had vehicles due for renewal in December. Back child support payments totaling more than $160,000 have since been collected. This program bolsters others previously put into place to help with child support collections such as the revocation of drivers’ licenses and professional permits.

The financial support of a child can be critical in creating a healthy environment for them. A fair dollar amount for child support is determined based on the incomes and expenses of both parties involved. An experienced attorney can help ensure the accuracy of these amounts through careful examination of all sources of income and expenses. Significant life changes can also affect the fairness of or the ability to make child support payments. An attorney who has the best interests of the child in mind can aid in the modification of current payments.

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