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High-asset, high-conflict divorce may leave you with high stress

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | High-asset Divorce |

Going through divorce likely does not count as many individuals’ idea of an enjoyable process. You, as a person with substantial wealth and considerable assets at stake, undoubtedly dread the idea of ending your marriage, especially if your spouse has a high-conflict personality. This personality may have contributed to your desire to dissolve the marriage, and unfortunately, your divorce process could face significant complications due to the likelihood of numerous conflicts.

When dealing with a high-asset situation and the possibility of strain and unwilling compromise, preparing for your case as best as possible may work in your favor. By recognizing certain signs and actions your spouse may attempt to carry out during your divorce, you may have a better chance of preparing and keeping a level head.


If you believe your spouse to have a high-conflict personality, you likely have come across him or her carrying out some sort of deceitful actions. Deceit can act as a strong factor in conflicts, and individuals who tend to instigate conflicts often use such actions to stir up trouble. During your divorce proceedings, you will likely contend with the attempts of such actions, as your spouse may try to use false pretenses and incorrect information to make you look bad.

Unwilling to compromise

Many divorce proceedings, especially property division, often hinge on the parties’ ability to compromise. Successful negotiations may allow the processes to move forward more quickly, and if your spouse acts in an uncompromising manner, your property division may become an even more daunting task. Applicable state laws will likely take precedence when it comes to dividing your property, and you may need to fight for what you hope to obtain.

Tendency to blame others

Placing blame on other individuals can often cause considerable conflict. Your spouse may attempt to blame you for various marriage issues you may have faced, and in doing so, he or she may try to gain a better divorce settlement. As a result, you may find yourself having to work harder to ensure that the truth of the matter prevails.

Your actions

Luckily, you do not have to stand by and accept such wrongdoing. A high-conflict divorce can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but you can take actions to help create a better situation for yourself. By gathering necessary documents to prove your case and disprove your spouse’s untruthful attempts, you could have a strong way to empower yourself against deceitful and blameful actions. Keeping a level head can also help you remain calm and refrain from rising to unnecessary anger.

Furthermore, you can speak with your Texas attorney who has experience dealing with high-asset and high-conflict divorce situations. This action could allow you to better plan for the complications you may face as your case moves forward.