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Business owners and divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Divorce |

Most business owners know that, when it comes to running a business, having the right team can make a huge difference. What quality of team a business owner has around them can have big impacts as their business navigates the various challenges and issues that may arise in the ordinary course of business.

However, the team a business owner forms in relation to the running of their business is not the only team that can have big implications for their company. Another is what team they have when they are divorcing their spouse and property division issues related to the business then foreseeably arise.

When a business owner gets divorced, what happens in property division matters can greatly impact their company and its future as well as the owner’s lifestyle. So, protecting their business, and their interest in it, can be of great importance for a business owner in a divorce.

Now, many complex issues can arise in relation to property division matters connected to a business. This includes business characterizations, valuation and tax issues. So, having access to the right expertise when trying to navigate these issues can be critical. Given this, what team a business owner assemble to help them with property division issues related to their business can matter considerably when they are in a divorce.

Our law firm understands how complex property division issues connected to businesses can get. We can provide guidance on these issues and bring in relevant experts to help surround a divorcing business owner with the knowledge sources they need to be supplied with the right information when taking critical efforts to protect their future and the future of their business in the divorce.