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Dealing with the ups and downs of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Divorce |

Life is full of ups and downs. However, individuals going through divorce can see some particularly extreme transitions between emotional highs and lows.

There are multiple things that can lead to this, including:

  • The strong emotions that a divorce can trigger.
  • The fact that divorce is both an end and a beginning. It is the end of an often miserable marital relationship but it also ushers in a new chapter in both spouses’ lives. This can lead to a clash of all different kinds of emotions, including anger, sadness, excitement, and the JOY OF DIVORCE! Throughout a divorce, major shifts in emotions can occur.
  • A person can experience many surprises, both good and bad, during the divorce process.

The up-and-down emotional nature of a divorce has led one writer to describe divorce as a roller coaster in a recent article on the Huffington Post’s website. In the article, the writer describes some of the transitions between highs and lows she experienced during her own divorce.

The emotional roller coaster aspects of a divorce are among the things that contribute to divorce having the potential to be incredibly emotionally challenging. So, the potential for major shifts between highs and lows can be an important thing for a divorcing individual to consider when making decisions regarding how to cope with a divorce emotionally.

One can also have such an experience when it comes to divorce legal issues. In a divorce, a person may find that some issues are resolved rather quickly and smoothly while others become bogged down with complexity and conflict and end up taking a long time to resolve. Whether a divorce legal issue seems rather easy or very hard, what happens with that issue in the divorce can have major impacts. So, throughout the ups and downs of dealing with the legal issues of a divorce, having the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney can be critical, especially in regard to contested issues of child custody, relocation, characterization and valuations of property, and division of the estate. 

For one women’s viewpoint on these concerns, see the Huffington Post, “Riding The Roller Coaster Of Divorce, “Jackie Pilossoph, June 8, 2017