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Divorce and a child’s physical health

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Child Custody |

Among the many things parents want to protect when it comes to their kids is their children’s health. A lot of different things can have impacts on a child’s health. A recent study suggests that what parents do when getting divorced could have various health implications for their kids.

The study looked at 467 individuals between the ages of two and 18. Some of these kids had parents who were together, while others had parents who were separated. The study compared the kids of separated parents to kids in nuclear families when it came to rates for a range of different health conditions.

The study found that the likelihood of developing neurological, dermatological, gastrointestinal or genitourinary issues was higher among the kids with separated parents compared to healthy intact nuclear family. Such kids had about double the chances of developing these conditions.  However, the study did NOT compare children of separated families with children of dysfunctional but still (barely) intact families.

A co-author of the study postulates that this association has to do with the stress kids can be exposed to when their parents mishandle issues connected to a break-up. Such mishandling could include things like taking actions that unnecessarily create high amounts of interparental conflict. This underscores how critical of a role how parents handle matters related to the kids, including child-related legal matters, can play in a divorce.  The study also ignores the damage caused by marital stress and parents screaming and fighting with each other to the neurological, dermatological, gastrointestinal or genitourinary system of children subjected to both indirect and direct emotional abuse of hateful warring parents.

Divorcing parents generally care a great deal about protecting their kids’ well-being during the course of the divorce. Now, a divorce can be a very hectic, confusing and complicated time for a parent. Given this, even the most well-meaning parents could fall into mistakes in their divorce that could have negative consequences for their kids if they don’t prepare properly. Texas parents can go to well-qualified Board-certified Texas Family Law Specialist divorce attorneys for guidance on what preparations they can make in relation to child custody matters and other legal issues in their divorce related to the kids to try to avoid such mistakes and keep things properly focused on their children’s best interests.