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Finance-focused summer camps growing in popularity

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Child Support |

Summer camps have long been a staple of the summer experience for kids here in the United States. However, the types of summer camps available have been changing over time. There are now many choices beyond the traditional, outdoor-activity-focused programs. There are camps focused on all different kinds of interests and skills.

One class of summer camp that has been gaining popularity in recent years are finance-focused camps. Such programs are aimed at helping kids learn important life lessons related to personal finances.

This underscores how wide the range of summer camp offerings has become. Now, what types of summer camp experiences a given child would get the most out of can be heavily influenced by a child’s unique interests, circumstances and characteristics. So, the decision of what summer camps to have kids participate in can be an important thing for a parent to give careful thought to.

Now, in addition to sometimes being focused on financial issues, summer camps can sometimes raise some of their own such issues for a family. The expenses of sending one’s children to summer camp can sometimes be significant. So, important issues and questions regarding how such costs will be met can come up for parents when it comes to summer camps for their kids, whatever type of camp they plan on having their children participate in.

Some special issues can come up on this front for divorced parents. For example, what happens in child support negotiations and disputes with their ex can have significant implications for a divorced parent when it come to meeting the various expenses related to their child. This can include summer camp expenses, sports training camps and lessons and select sport activities.

This underscores that there are a wide range of issues that could be impacted by what quality of legal guidance a parent has when in negotiations or disputes related to child support.  A parent may wish to consult with a Board-Certified Family Law expert attorney who can help create a realistic parenting plan that considers and includes actual costs of real-world summer camps and extra-curricular activities for a child.

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