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When a child of divorced parents is getting married

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Divorce |

When a person is getting divorced, what happens in the divorce not only has significant impacts on their own future, but also can have major ramifications for their family’s future in relation to major family events that occur after the divorce.

One such event is a marriage of the divorced parents’ child. When a person is getting married, and their parents are divorced, some unique, and often awkward, issues can come up in relation to the wedding.

This includes issues regarding how much each parent may be contributing to the wedding financially. A recent article on Brides’ website went over some pointers on handing this potentially touchy matter. Honest and open communication between the parents and communications between the marrying person and their parents would be appropriate. It also noted how important it is for divorced parents of a marrying person to remember that the focus of the wedding is their child.

So, what kind of tone, relationship, and communication level is present between divorcing parents can be a very impactful matter when their child is getting married. It could influence how likely issues like matters related to financial contributions to their child’s wedding are to be dealt with in a smooth matter.

What happens during a divorce can have major impacts on the post-divorce relationship and level of communication between divorcing parents. It can also set the tone for future interactions between such parents, including interactions related to things such as issues connected to their child’s wedding. These can be important things to take into account when navigating divorce proceedings and crafting a final decree of divorce. An experienced Board-Certified expert family law attorney can provide a parent with assistance in incorporating such concerns into their overall divorce strategy.