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Coping with financial stress in marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Divorce |

Stress can come from many sources, including financial difficulties. Such struggles can arise during a marriage. Also, the financial changes a divorce brings about can be a source of additional stress.

How well a person copes with financial stress can be of considerable significance. For a married individual, it could impact how likely such stress is to lead to major discord within the marriage. For a divorcing individual, it could impact the likelihood of having the fresh start they would like to have following their divorce.

So, whether a person is in a marriage or ending one, it can be important to give close attention to how to deal with financial stresses that have arisen. A recent Forbes article gave some examples of things that individuals may find to be helpful in coping with financial stress, including:

  • Eating healthy.
  • Exercising.
  • Engaging in meditation or other mindfulness exercises.
  • Reading up on personal finance.
  • Taking efforts to understand the source of one’s financial stress.
  • Seeking professional help with financial matters.

When going through a divorce, how one deals with financial stress is not the only thing that can have considerable impact on how smoothly the transition into post-divorce life occurs. Another is how one handles the divorce’s financial issues underlying such stress. This could include issues such as asset division and spousal support. Divorcing individuals can get guidance on such matters from experienced Board-Certified Expert Family Law divorce attorneys. Having such guidance could help a person understand what they can do to protect their interests when it comes to such issues and feel less stress about these matters.

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