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What factors might predict divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Divorce |

Every marriage is different. The individual circumstances of a married couple can impact many things. This includes what level of divorce risk is present regarding their relationship.

What things are possible predictors of a divorce? This is among the topics divorce research has looked into. A recent CNN article went over some of the factors that research has associated with increased likelihood of divorce. These include:

  • Contempt within a marital relationship
  • A spouse having emotional instability
  • Infidelity
  • Certain demographic factors, including lower education levels and occupations most likely to experience divorce
  • A couple marrying or moving in together at a younger age

The existence of factors within a marriage that are connected to higher divorce rates does not mean that the marriage is doomed. However, it can have big impacts on what challenges the marriage is facing, and challenges within a marital relationship not being properly addressed are among the things that could put a marriage in danger. So, staying aware of whether any predictors of divorce are present in their marriage, and what can be done to address the challenges that such predictors present, can be important for a married individual.

Every divorce is also different. Among the things the particular circumstances surrounding a divorce could impact is the likelihood of divorce proceedings getting especially complicated. Being proactive about addressing potential complexities in a divorce can be an important part of trying to help the divorce process go smoothly. Experienced Board-Certified expert Family Law divorce attorneys can assist individuals with identifying and addressing potential sources of complexity in their divorce.