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A few tips for sharing custody over Christmas

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Child Custody |

Child custody arrangements aren’t exactly what most people want to spend their Christmas holiday thinking about. But for divorced parents, custody schedules are an everyday reality that does not magically disappear over the holiday season. As a divorced parent, you probably understand this firsthand.

The stress of prepping for Christmas in combination with managing your custody schedule may be enough to turn you off on the holidays entirely. Don’t become a Grinch just yet: We have compiled a few helpful tips that you can use to cope with your holiday custody schedule.

  • Let go of guilt

It is common for divorced parents to struggle with feelings of guilt this time of year. Rather than allowing this emotion to bring your holidays down, try to let go of your guilt. Don’t feel bad that your family is spending the holidays apart: Feel happy that you and your children are building new traditions.

  • Enjoy your free time

If this is a year when your children will be spending Christmas with their other parent, consider it as less stress for you. After all, it’s pretty rare to get five minutes’ peace when kids are around. Use your free time to do something for yourself.

  • Put the children first

One of the best gifts that you can give your children this year is to protect them from conflict. Even if you and the other parent still experience tension, try to keep it away from your children. Kids should be allowed to enjoy the holiday season without any adult drama.

  • Celebrate two Christmases

A great way to put a positive spin on your children’s Christmas custody schedule is to celebrate the holiday twice. Have your children celebrate with one parent… and also unwrap “Santa’s” presents at the other’s house. Two Christmases means twice the excitement for them.