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Preparing for a New Year’s divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Divorce |

For many people, the New Year’s holiday conjures up images of happy couples ringing in the new year with champagne and a kiss. To the contrary, statistics show that the number of divorce filings actually tends to spike over New Year’s Day. Some divorce lawyers receive so many calls over the first working Monday of the year that they refer to it as “Divorce Day.”

There is no definitive reason for this increase, but several theories abound. One is that a bad holiday experience may act as a catalyst for a couple to file for divorce. Another is that the stress of the holiday season can strain a marriage to its breaking point. Whatever the reason, if you are preparing for a divorce this New Year’s season, these are a few things that you should do.

Organize your finances

Divorce is a notoriously expensive undertaking. Getting your finances in order now is the best way to prepare for the repercussions later. Gather your paystubs, bank statements and credit card bills to have on hand when you meet with a financial advisor or divorce attorney.

Take a social media vacation

Anything that you post on the internet lives there forever, even if you delete it. This includes social media. Anything that you post on your social media is fair game for your spouse to use against you in the divorce proceedings. All the better reason to take a nice, long break from social media.

Knowledge is power

Begin to research the divorce process. This can feel overwhelming because there is so much complicated legal information to comprehend. You should also begin looking for a  divorce attorney. An experienced Board-Certified Family Law expert divorce attorney can help educate you about the legal process while the two of you prepare your case.

Set your goals

Consider what you want from the divorce. Will you be seeking spousal maintenance? What amount of contact do you wish to have with your soon-to-be former spouse? If the two of you have children together, what is your preferred custody arrangement? There are many possible outcomes to divorce, and knowing your goals and having realistic expectations of your legal options will make attaining them that much easier.