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Unique custody options for complex family situations

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Divorce is often most difficult for the youngest members of the family, and for this reason, Texas parents may strive for ways to ease the strain that this process can place on their children. One way that parents do this is by searching for custody and visitation solutions that are unique to their family. This can provide stability and security during the time of transition and into their post-divorce lives. 

Some families are looking beyond traditional custody arrangements to find solutions that work best for their individual situations. Modern custody arrangements recognize that an impersonal court is often a poor way to make important family decisions. Instead, they are taking this important matter into their own hands.

Could an unusual custody situation work for you?

Every family is different, and every custody situation should be a little different as well. Today, many parents are choosing arrangements that make the most sense under their unique circumstances for their kids and their continued happiness. Consider the following examples of agreements or Court-ordered temporary solutions:

  • Some families find it important to live close together, and the parents will buy homes in very close proximity to the other to allow the kids more contact with the other parent.
  • Some families make it a point to live separately while still participating in important family routines together, including family dinners, holiday traditions and more.
  • Some families may find it possible to continue living altogether in the same house, with the dad living in one room and the mother living in another room. Some families are able to find homes with two master suites.  This situation is not recommended.
  • There are situations in which the kids will remain in the home, but the parents will take turns living there with them. One parent would be “on duty” for a week or so, then swap with the other parent.  This situation tends to aggravate relations between the parents.

What your family needs will be unique to your situation as well as your financial capabilities. You may not be able to afford to have a home just for your children, but there are other options available to you.

Solutions that work for your family

Divorce means ending your relationship with your partner, but it does not necessarily have to mean disrupting the lives of your children. There are ways to negotiate and craft a plan that suits your kids’ needs and your parental rights. Before you make a decision or move forward with an agreement, you might find it helpful to seek an explanation of your options from an experienced Board-certified Family Law expert attorney of your choice.