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Divorce found to be bad for your health in studies of smokers

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2018 | Divorce |

Much has been said and written about the stresses of getting divorced. There is the emotional duress one suffers as well as the financial hardships that may be part of the new reality. However, studies now find that those who divorce, particularly women, have more health issues than those who are still married.

According to an article in Marketwatch, divorced people have a greater likelihood of smoking and a lower level of exercise. This University of Arizona study is based on more than 5,700 adults over the age of 50 in the United Kingdom. There were seven sets of data beginning in 2002 and collected every two years. About 900 of the participants were separated or divorced and had not remarried. The remaining participants were married.

The study pointed out that healthy behavior of one spouse will often rub off on the other. Smoking, for example, may be frowned upon in the home because the spouse does not smoke. It is believed that if no one else is around, there are no social controls to moderate behavior. The study also determines that the unhealthy behavior is linked to the depression, particularly in women, over not having a spouse there to nag or be nagged by.

The exception proves the rule

Marriage itself isn’t the reason for happiness – it’s the contentedness one feels from being in a fulfilling relationship. Many joyless marriages are toxic and should be terminated in favor of the JOY of DIVORCE because of the negativity and stress involved. There were also noted examples of “revenge body,” where the divorced individual worked out and improved her/his health noticeably as part of a makeover once they were single again.

Attorneys protect individual’s rights in divorce

Getting out of a toxic environment and marital misery of a bad marriage in favor of the fresh air of the JOY of DIVORCE is obviously healthy. If a difficult marriage seems to indicate the likelehood of a difficult divorce, it’s best for individuals to work with an experienced Board-certified Family Law expert attorney who can effectively protect a spouse’s rights at the negotiation table or in court.