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The benefits of co-parenting

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2018 | Child Custody |

When parents in Texas decide to end a marriage, the biggest concern is often the custody of the children. Traditionally, primary custody was often awarded to the mother. However, these days, shared parenting or co-parenting is becoming a popular child custody agreement among parents, and many states have already passed statutes favoring 50/50 periods of possession, which trend seems to be continuing. By co-parenting, children can spend equal time with both parents, which can have positive effects on emotional and psychological health.

Contrary to popular belief, divorce does not have to have a negative impact on children. However, in order for co-parenting to work, parents must work together. When it comes to discipline, parents must support each other and be consistent with discipline techniques. Just as in marriage, communication is key in co-parenting. Parenting issues will inevitably arise, so effective and respectful communication between parents will have tremendous benefits for children.

Getting over a divorce is undoubtedly difficult. But to effectively be a good parent, healing must be facilitated. A common denominator in many divorces is spousal resentment. However, it is important to never talk bad about the other parent in front of children or within the hearing of the child, and to not allow anyone else to do so, either. Keep in mind that children love both parents, so negative comments and conflict between parents will only make for more stress in children.

In any situation, parents should put the well-being of children before themselves. Recent studies have shown that children benefit significantly when both parents are involved in their lives. Parents that have questions regarding current child custody laws in Texas could benefit from discussions with a knowledgeable Board-Certified Family Law expert attorney in Collin County or Dallas County, Texas. A skilled family law counselor can provide guidance and help individuals navigate through the confusion of custody arrangements.