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Preparing well for divorce can help you avoid complications

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Firm News |

It is not easy to make the choice to move forward with divorce. This decision will impact your children, where you live, your financial situation and much more. It will affect virtually every area of your life, and it is important to think ahead about ways you can protect your interests.

If you are planning to divorce in the near future, one of the smartest things you can do is to prepare for it. Planning and preparation can help you avoid complications down the road, and it can help you move forward in a way that will allow you to intentionally pursue a strong future. Preparation is also a smart way to reduce stress and possibly lower the likelihood of conflict during the divorce process.

What can you do to get ready?

Making the choice to end your marriage is only the first step. Divorce is a lengthy, complex and emotionally challenging process, and you can take many steps to get ready for what lies ahead. Once you know that divorce is the right course of action for your Texas family, the following steps can help you prepare: 

  • Take an inventory of all of the paperwork and documents you may need, including papers related to mortgage, bank accounts, retirement savings, personal property, loans, credit cards and more.
  • One of the smartest actions you can take initially is to organize all of your important documents, including all prior years’ income tax returns and the supporting documents and account statements, preferably all the way back to at least the month or quarter prior to the date of marriage. Have a system in place that allows you to find important information that you may need during divorce quickly.
  • Finally, you can prepare for your divorce by considering your assets and making a list of what may qualify as marital property or separate property.

Getting ready for divorce is a worthwhile effort. It can allow you to have a clear picture of your financial situation and even help you avoid unnecessary fighting over certain assets. It is a practical way to simplify this process. 

Protect your property rights 

It is important to secure a fair and reasonable property division order in your divorce. The terms of your final order will impact you for years to come, and it is in your interests to do whatever you can to shield your finances and secure a reasonable settlement. Through your own preparation and seeking experienced legal guidance from an experienced Board-certified family law expert attorney in Texas, you can pursue a final order that allows you financial stability and security for years to come after your divorce is complete.