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Strategies for maintaining work performance during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce is one of the most difficult challenges that many of us will face. So regardless of how hard we try, it is likely that one’s divorce will impact his or her ability to do their job. Along with taking off time for court or meetings it will also be harder to focus as well as meet deadlines or sales goals.

It is generally best to inform a manager or human resources person that a divorce is happening, and hopefully they will be understanding and patient. A good advisor will even listen with compassion, and may offer strategies for managing workload, but hopefully they will refrain from offering unsolicited advice regarding this personal matter.

While an employee should not use divorce as cover for poor performance or erratic behavior, the employer and coworkers should accept that it is a difficult time and not use this difficulty as premise for dismissal.

It is still up to the employee to do his or her best for the employer under the circumstances. Below are some tips provided by experts to minimize dips in work performance:

  • Only tell colleagues to whom you are close that you are going through a divorce: There is no need to be the center of office gossip. Keeping it discreet hopefully means that others will also do so.
  • Get involved in group projects: This not only provides cover if you are out, but the group interaction will likely also leave the divorcing worker feeling less isolated.
  • Avoid reading divorce-related emails at work: Try to compartmentalize when possible to avoid becoming upset or distracted.
  • Do not phone-fight: The dissolution of your marriage does not need to be heard by coworkers or customers.
  • Do not quit: We recently discussed that quitting a job does not help lower your financial obligations, so do your level best to stay in good standing with your employer during this time of transition.
  • Go for a walk: Taking calls outside of the workplace is advised, and perhaps a walk after the call will allow you to calm down and refocus on your job responsibilities.
  • Get help: It is likely a good time to seek help from a good therapist if it is difficult to work or function.

Legal guidance is also invaluable

An experienced Board-certified Family Law expert attorney in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County or elsewhere throughout Texas can guide clients through the entire divorce process, often with a knowledgeable approach that is effective while minimizing the stress a client feels at work or elsewhere.