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Clues that women cheat

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Fathers' Rights |

Men have traditionally been the ones most likely to cheat. However, the women are catching up with a 40% increase since 1990 in the number of wives who cheat. Some believe that women are better at maintaining a double life that includes an illicit affair, but it dep ends more on the person than their gender.

There are common signs of cheating regardless of gender, including shifts in a romantic part of a relationship, longer hours at work or changing passwords on a device or email account. However, just as genders are different, the clues are as well.

The feminine “tells”

There can be a wide variety of clues, but common ones that point to a wife cheating include:

  • She gets a makeover: There may be a change of her wardrobe, new lingerie not shared with her husband, makeup and hair where she’s looking younger and less mom-like.
  • She goes to the gym more: Working out and getting the body in shape is a great way to highlight that new look.
  • Listen to what she says: Sometimes, there may be a slip in an unguarded moment, or she may present hypotheticals that seem to revolve around thinking about other partners.
  • What she does: She may have less interest in going out to dinner or even running errands as a couple.
  • How much she shares: Many women will go into detail about their day-to-day activities — this may stop, or it could significantly increase if they are overcompensating to cover their tracks.
  • A shift in friends: She may spend less time going out with her friends who are married moms and more time with those who are single or divorced.
  • Intimate apparel: Men who do laundry may find sexy new underwear and bras that they have not seen before when they wash and fold.

Men often eventually catch on

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