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These apps can help divorced co-parents

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Family Law |

We use digital technology in nearly every part of our lives, whether it is doing our job, looking for a restaurant, communicating with others, or finding a reliable plumber. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that different device apps help with the challenges of co-parenting and divorce. These apps fill such needs as scheduling, communicating, bookkeeping, and even searching for services.

Popular examples

These run from free to upwards of $20 per month. Some may balk at the additional cost of the expensive ones, but many find that it is a small price to pay. It can reduce the stress levels involved with coordinating with an ex-spouse or help determine where the kids are at 4:30 on a Thursday and who is supposed to pick them up.

  • OurFamilyWizard: This subscription app includes a shared calendar, reminders for such things as taking medication, birthday reminders, trip information as well as an expense log with the ability to upload receipts. Parents also have a secure message board for communication.
  • CoParenter: This secure non-trackable message app also allows for private communication and even has a filter for cleaning up the language. There is a help button for live on-demand mediation of an issue or life coaching help for effectively addressing a matter. Both co-parents need not use this app.
  • AppClose: This free app offers many of the same services as the above, but it is free. While it will not sell clients’ private information, there are plans to monetize it at some future point, such as by charging services and professionals a listing fee.
  • SupportPay: This app has the straightforward goal of addressing the bookkeeping issues of paying child support and managing family finances. It also has tabs for childcare and other divorce-related services.
  • TalkingParents: This free communication app time stamps, acknowledges receipt and can be used as evidence in court.
  • Mend: Communication is critical, but sometimes a little non-judgmental guidance from this personal coach app is what is needed. This can help with strategies for telling the kids, rebuilding self-confidence and building a working relationship with an ex-spouse.
  • Divorceify: This free app is more of a Yelp-style app for finding divorce-related resources and vetted professionals.

However, nothing can replace competent human support

Co-parents who are divorced (or soon will be) typically also need legal help determining parenting agreements and financial support as well as protecting parental rights. These apps can prove useful. Still, nothing replaces an experienced Board-Certified Family Law expert who works in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, or elsewhere in Texas who can help ensure that parental rights of those involved are appropriately handled.