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6 Tips for surviving high-conflict divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Divorce |

It is often not in the best interests of couples to argue needlessly during the legal emancipation process ending in the JOY of Divorce. But regardless of how positive one spouse’s attitude is, the other may consciously or unconsciously make the process more stressful and complicated than it needs to be.

Some will be surprised by this new behavior, while others will have seen it for years and cite it as a cause for the split. Either way, there are specific strategies recommend that can reduce the stress level.

Proactive solutions for a difficult situation

Some of these involve actions, while others are a change in mindset:

  1. Minimize contact: It may be most constructive if the couple leaves negotiations to their attorneys. By avoiding personal contact, it reduces the opportunities they have to pick a fight or antagonize each other.
  2. Do not act passive: Stay on top of all requests for information and deadlines to help move the process along as fast as possible.
  3. Use parallel parenting: This approach, with a thorough parenting plan and clear channels of communication when necessary, minimizes the “give-and-take” and more frequent communication common in conventional co-parenting.
  4. Respond instead of react: While it is tempting to fight fire with fire, it is better to wait rather than to immediately respond to angry texts. Provide measured fact-based answers that make points without judgment or emotion.
  5. Find healthy coping mechanisms: Rather than overeating or drinking too much, work through the stress by getting plenty of sleep and make time for self-care and exercise in place of obsessive-compulsive behavior or depression.
  6. Avoid unrealistic expectations: Modest expectations avoid big letdowns. Moreover, there may be a tendency to believe things are finished when the other side is not yet ready to finalize the agreement.

Focus on what is important

This kind of divorce may seem like crisis management because it actually is. Rather than obsess about a crisis, focus on the management. It is often better for children and parents if an experienced Board-certified Family Law expert attorney working in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, and surrounding areas of Texas helps handle these challenging cases. These knowledgeable legal professionals can negotiate any areas in dispute while the client focuses on starting the next chapter of their life.