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No Plan Yet For Dog Divorce in Planned $200,000 NYC Dog Wedding?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2012 | Divorce |

MOST EXPENSIVE DOG WEDDING? Precedent for expensive dog divorce? .

First things first: FIRST the Doggie Wedding, THEN the Doggie DIVORCE!

Now that my phone keeps ringing from various people about this engrossing topic, many of whom are asking the same questions, in order to make it easier on my receptionists, YES, for Select Clientele ONLY, I WILL attempt to help you gain a legal divorce from your dog, provided that the marriage is legal in the state in which it was ceremonially performed. My regular Hourly rates apply, but if you wish to get happily-divorced at the same time as your dog is also blissfully emancipated from the bonds of matrimony, I can give you a discount on the dog’s hours.  

Some well-meaning concerned pet-lovers have also been frantically asking about which former spouse gets to keep all the dog toys and pet-wedding gifts after one spouse or the other runs off, commits adultery, abandons the marriage, or files to dissolve the marriage on any other ground, including cruelty or even on no-fault grounds? Wedding gifts in Texas, at least, are a gift to both spouses and are NOT community property, so each spouse would be a tenant-in-common as to each chew-toy or squeeze-ball, etc.  If the item can’t be divided in kind, each spouse could take turns picking from a list of similarly-valued appraised doggie-junk,  Of course, RICH dogs may have valuable bejeweled collars and large inheritances to be divided as well. In such a case, expert appraisals may be necessary to determine a just and right division of the community estate.