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Controversy around TX school board member with child support debt

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Child Support |

When parents divorce, the money that used to support one household must now cover the expenses of two. Texas child support guidelines are generally fair and take into account the income of both parents and the number of children involved. Despite this objective formula, parents may sometimes fall behind on their child support.

At least one parent in Waco is appalled that a man who recently won a seat on the local school board is behind more than $45,000 in child support payments. The 42-year-old board member is reportedly cooperating with the Texas Attorney General’s Office to repay the debt, but that may be little consolation to the parents of the children in the district. It is not known if any enforcement actions have been taken.

One parent voiced his frustration by saying that volunteers in the school district have to go through background checks, but that somehow the board member’s large child support debt wasn’t a red flag.

However, a spokesman for the school board pointed out that nothing the man has done prohibits him from being elected to the position.

In some cases, parents who are behind on child support payments can be arrested or have their wages garnished. These enforcement actions can be avoided in two ways: making timely support payments or seeking a child support modification. If a paying parent’s financial situation changes for the worse, then a modification may be possible. To simply stop making payments can have negative consequences that all paying parents should avoid.

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