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Finding hidden assets during divorce often requires legal advice

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2014 | Family Law |

A divorce may involve many complex issues such as child custody, child support, and property division. When a divorce in Dallas, Texas, gets testy, a spouse may try to hide assets. If the spouse manages to do so, then it would be very difficult for the other partner to achieve a fair property settlement. A partner who wishes to resolve this dispute will need to engage an attorney who specializes in settling property division disputes.

A person facing a reduction of assets due to divorce may find more than a few innovative ways to hide assets. Some of these are opening a bank account overseas or investing in real estate and other investments to reduce liquid assets. A person may also transfer property ownership to another person or use false documents. These are all very tricky matters which definitely need the support of an astute attorney to set them right.

Attorneys at GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE have experience in representing people who have suspected their spouses of hiding assets. These attorneys empathize with their clients and aggressively address the clients’ needs to ensure that both the spouse and the children were not deprived of any assets or support.

Property division can take an ugly turn in a high asset divorce when substantial funds and assets are at stake. These can include closely held businesses, jewelry, paintings and other assets. Only a very astute attorney will know that stock portfolios or retirement funds will have to be valued correctly to avoid any property division disputes. Attorneys will need to thrash out all property division disputes using the available tools.