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Navigating the process of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorces often have the potential to be bitter and controversial. In several cases, Texas residents who wish to divorce get into the legal proceeding while their emotions are still raw and they are on the brink of dissolving their marriage. In many cases, either or both spouses make allegations against each other. Such malicious allegations can also include accusations of domestic abuse and infidelity. Thus, often, the estranged spouses will get their own lawyer in order to represent their case in court so that they can come to a mutually beneficial divorce settlement.

Traditional court proceedings can be a lengthy and arduous process. Furthermore, an unpleasant courtroom divorce can lead to embarrassment and humiliation for both spouses. With decades of experience as family law and divorce attorneys, the GUNNSTAKS LAW OFFICE has observed that more and more couples nowadays prefer alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration or divorce mediation in order to resolve their disputes.

One of the biggest advantages of having a neutral third-party mediator involved who can resolve the marital discord and help to make the divorce proceeding as painless as possible is not only that it is more cost-effective but that it can also prove to be a lot more private than a public courtroom battle. Mediation is often preferred by all those who wish to continue a relationship, even after the dispute is resolved. Thus, mediation becomes a lucrative opportunity for couples who have children to stay connected.

The mediator usually listens to the arguments presented by the parties and their respective attorneys. After listening to the estranged spouses separately or together, the mediator will come to an agreement regarding the various settlement aspects of the divorce, including spousal support or property division matters. The mediator’s decision is final and binding.