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An overview of conservatorship in the state of Texas — Part II

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Child Custody |

There are many laws that govern child custody decisions in the U.S. Texas laws refer to child custody issues as conservatorship. There are various forms of conservatorship arrangements under the laws that are available to all couples who plan on seeking the best arrangement for their children.

Various factors can play a role in conservatorship cases including the residential status of each parent as well as the age of the child or the marital status of the parents. In cases in which the child had always been with one of the parents, then some believe that it is best to seek sole child custody or even primary custodial arrangement.

Essentially, there are two headings under which a legal conservatorship is divided under Texas law. Firstly, under joint managing conservatorship, both parents become conservators to their child. Such decisions are made by a family court judge and are based on the principle of “best interests of the child.” Under a joint conservatorship, the family court judge would specify the roles and responsibilities of each parent so that there is no confusion that can affect the child’s wellbeing. Thus, one parent might have the right to make certain decisions on behalf of the children while the other parent would have complete say over the decisions and responsibilities that are awarded to them.

Therefore, it must be noted that just because both parents have been awarded joint managing conservatorship, it does not mean that both parents would have physical custody of the child. More often than not, there are different visitation schedules under a standard possession order.

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