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High asset divorce dispute extends from Texas to Pakistan

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2016 | Divorce |

When a Texas couple gets to the point at which they decide to divorce, there are many factors that will go into whether or not it will be a simple or complicated process. If there are issues at play such as a high asset divorce, a marriage that involves people of from other countries or property division disagreements, it is possible that the divorce legal issues will grow complicated.

A husband and wife who are living in Texas but are citizens of Pakistan are embroiled in a high asset divorce that is spanning the legal terrain of both countries. The divorce is reportedly worth as much as $100 million. The husband moved forward with the divorce, filing in Pakistan, but his wife is seeking to have the case heard in Texas. In Pakistan, all that a husband needs to do to divorce a wife is to say “I divorce you” three times. The question is whether there is a comparable way to settle the divorce in the U.S.

The couple had moved to Texas in 2010 after getting married in Pakistan. According to the wife, the husband was sent back to Pakistan under the pretense that he could assist her in becoming a citizen of the U.S. But in 2013, he filed for divorce. Her legal team believes that the entire maneuver was a trick to facilitate the divorce without having to share his wealth with her. In Pakistan, a wife is not entitled to the same rights as in the U.S. Even if the divorce is upheld in Pakistan, the judge in Texas can decide on a division of the assets that is different than it would be in that country.

While this is certainly an unusual case, there are many ways in which a couple that is at the end of a marriage can be confronted with a unique set of circumstances. If there is a high asset divorce, it is likely that there will be a series of contentions from both sides as each seeks to maximize what they receive. With any divorce situation, the participants need to understand their rights and how the law will deal with their case. Speaking to an experienced attorney can help in navigating the U.S. legal system.

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