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An affair doesn’t have to be physical to destroy a marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Divorce |

Divorce can come about in many ways. This includes through affairs, and this isn’t just limited to physical affairs. Emotional affairs can also weaken a marriage to the point where a couple may decide a divorce is necessary.

So, keeping emotional affairs out of a marriage can be critical. One of the things that a person could do towards this goal is to keep an eye out for signs of an emotional affair, both in their own behavior and the behavior of their spouse, so that they can take prompt action if it appears that an emotional affair may be developing.

Now, one of the challenges with emotional affairs is that they can be harder to detect than physical affairs. A recent Huffington Post article noted some warning signs that marriage therapists point out could indicate a person is having an emotional affair. This includes things such as a married person: becoming secretive or overly defensive about a friendship they have with someone, acting oddly in their physical or emotional encounters with a friend, telling a friend a great deal about their relationship with their spouse, using less committed language regarding their relationship with their spouse, or becoming obsessive regarding their phone.

When a person detects red flags that their spouse may be engaging in an emotional affair, they may be confused as to what to do next. The Huffington Post also gave advice for such individuals. It suggested that a person should think carefully about what they want their partner to do moving forward. It suggested then talking to one’s partner about the suspected affair in a calm way that carefully expresses one’s concerns and desires and also is emotionally supportive. In some cases, a married couple may be able to move forward from a spouse’s emotional affair and keep the marriage going.

In other cases, the damage an emotional affair and the issues connected to it caused may prove too great and a divorce may result. When a person is in divorce proceedings in connection to an emotional affair, there are certain things they might be confused about. This includes how to best protect their interests in the proceedings. So, skilled legal guidance from a Board-Certified expert Family Law attorney on the divorce process and the options and choices that come before a person during this process can be an important thing for such individuals.