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Study Says Flashy Weddings May Signal To Divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Divorce |

Many people like a good party. But according to new study, flashy weddings may be a tip that the relationship isn’t built for the long haul. The marketing firm Splendid Insights, which focuses on the wedding industry, claims that their recent study indicates that couples who spend more than $30,000 were more worried about impressing their guests than a couple with under a $10,000 budget.

This is not the first study to come to this conclusion. An academic study from Mialon, professors in the Department of Economics at Emory University in Atlanta came to the same conclusion. This study found that those who spend $20,000 or more on a wedding were 3.5 times more likely to divorce than those who spent less than $10,000.  Of course, those couples also had $20,000.00 less to spend on their upcoming divorce!

Three Possible Reasons

Researchers speculate that the reason for the correlation between the higher amount spent and higher incidence of divorce could be one of the following:

  • The couple is more interested in spending on a big party than focusing on what the day truly symbolizes.
  • Appearances of the wedding may also correlate to the importance of looks for the couple – the couple may over emphasize appearance rather than the substance of the person.
  • Spending beyond their means on the big day may also indicate future financial trouble for the couple, either because of the debt the wedding incurred or ongoing spending, which is a top reason for divorce.

If either spouse or both spouses then come to the realization that things did not work out for one of the above reasons one of their own, an experienced Board-certified Family Law attorney expert can help guide them through the divorce process.

A Long Courtship Helps

The study by Francis and Mialon also finds that many of these negative indicators are nullified if the couple has been together more than three years before getting married. The reason being that a long-term relationship will see more ups and downs, and offers fewer surprises on the honeymoon and thereafter.