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Texas spouses: Can you relate to these divorce issues?

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When you were first married you may have been able to name 10 things you loved about your spouse with little to no effort at all. A decade and several marital problems later, you may be able to relate to other Texas spouses who say they feel like strangers in their own homes.

Life is complicated at times and marriage can be quite challenging. In fact, some couples determine they are better off going their separate ways than trying to resolve the same old issues over and over again. Many spouses have similar reasons for filing for divorce. If you have an available support group in the North Texas area, it may provide you some comfort and help you gain confidence as you make plans for your future after “The JOY of DIVORCE”.

Problems that might prompt you to divorce

Every marriage has its ups and downs. Yours may have had a bit more down than your neighbor’s or vice versa. At any rate, only you and your spouse can determine if your relationship is salvageable when things get off track. While every marriage is unique, there are often common experiences among couples. The following issues are often key factors in marriages that don’t last a ”until death do you part”:

  • When a spouse has a substance abuse problem, it can negatively affect everyone in the household. Addiction is also a primary reason for divorce.
  • Some spouses can overcome their feelings of hurt and betrayal if someone commits adultery. Others determine that the breach of trust which an affair created between them was simply too wide to repair.
  • Do you and your spouse often fight about money? Perhaps it is a major factor in your divorce, as it commonly is in most divorces.
  • Sometimes, tragedy or chronic health issues can cause a serious breakdown in a relationship.

It is one thing to get into an argument with your spouse, then make up and move on a few hours or weeks later. It’s quite another to be facing legal problems because of relationship issues, or divorce-related matters, such as child custody or visitation. Your support system is a great asset because you can tap into it as needed. If your child needs counseling or if you need assistance regarding property issues, you can turn to those who are best able to address those particular problems.

The good news is that there are support networks in place to encourage and support you as you make informed decisions and plans for your future. Guidance of an experienced Board-Certified Family Law expert attorney in Collin County, Dallas County, or Denton County, Texas or elsewhere throughout the State of Texas, can be greatly beneficial to a spouse interested in exploring divorce options.