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When is it appropriate to change a child support order?

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Divorce brings about significant changes in a person’s life, and those changes do not necessarily stop simply because the divorce process is final. There are many challenges that can continue to affect your life after your marriage is over, and sometimes, it may be necessary to seek a change of terms in your divorce order. 

Modifications are sometimes necessary, but they are not always easy to get. However, if you think you need to make changes, it would be in your interests to learn how to go about this process the right way. Verbal agreements and informal changes are not legally enforceable, and they can lead to complications and disputes down the road. 

Changing the terms of a legal order

You cannot seek changes to your divorce order simply because you do not like the current terms or you think you want to pay less money. There are specific grounds for modifications, and you will have to provide evidence that this is necessary according to your specific circumstances. It may be possible to modify a child support order if the following apply to you: 

  • You lost your job and you can no long afford support payments.
  • Your kids have new needs, and you need additional support from the other parent.
  • You had other children who you also need to support.
  • The needs of the children are different from when your divorce was final.
  • There is a short-term emergency. 

Financial circumstances may merit a change in a support order, but that does not mean that you are not a caring parent. In fact, seeking a change to the amount you pay or receive should have no bearing on your rightful access to your children. Child support modifications do not have to be permanent. You can seek temporary changes if you expect your financial capabilities to change again in the future. 

Fighting for the changes you need

The other parent does not have to agree with you in order to for you to seek a change to a support order. However, it may be possible to work together to reach a reasonable solution to your current concerns. Any agreement should be legally binding in order to reduce the chance of conflict down the road.

For Texas parents seeking to change the terms of their custody orders, it is helpful to seek a complete evaluation of the case and explanation of the legal options available from an experienced Board-certified Family Law expert attorney in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County or elsewhere throughout Texas. If this is the right step for you, you do not have to walk through the process alone.