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Some realtors specialize in clients going through a divorce

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Divorce |

Those going through a divorce while making plans to change residence are looking at two significant changes, so it helps minimize the stress and impact of each by working with the right people. Addressing this need, there are Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist trained to better serve clients going through a divorce. These professionals understand how to factor in the various unique issues related to divorce that may not otherwise be involved in a real estate transaction.

Real estate issues to consider during divorce

An experienced realtor may come across a family that splits up into two homes, but that does not mean they were helpful and made the transition easier. Whether they received specialized training or not, some essential questions to ask an agent include:

  1. Do they have experience with clients going through a divorce? Different spouses may want different outcomes, and the agent needs to balance the clients’ needs, often acting as a neutral third party.
  2. Can they handle contentious situations? Some agents are unprepared or unwilling to be involved in a deal where couples do not get along. They may need to do this, and also not cause additional stress through their actions.
  3. Are they good negotiators? Some realtors let the homes sell themselves, but others work closely with all interested parties (including inspectors and other agents) to keep the process moving smoothly.
  4. Do they overshare? The agent should not share personal information they are privy to with other agents or buyers. They should also not offer advice on areas outside their expertise in real estate.
  5. Do they have several references? A proven track record is essential when the sale also involves a divorce.

There are several red flags to look for when any married couple chooses a real estate agent, so potential clients should consider these as well.

Legal professionalism is also essential

A real estate agent often oversees the sale of the divorce’s most significant asset, so they must be organized and professional. They need to understand that certain conditions in the divorce can affect the sale of the house, so the agent may need to also work with the family law attorneys involved.

In complicated circumstances such as these, a Board-certified Family Law specialist expert attorney in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County Midland County, Ector County, and surrounding areas of Texas can provide the necessary leadership for making sure real estate deals and the divorce negotiations are seamless. This avoids financial problems down the line as the parties move toward selling the home and finalizing the divorce agreement.