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Kelly Clarkson’s prenup holds up in court

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Divorce, High-asset Divorce |

The contract’s validity is a common issue when couples with a prenuptial/premarital agreement choose to divorce. Sometimes judges will rule that all or parts of the agreement are unfair and invalid, while at other times, they rule that they are valid. The latter was the case for singer and Voice judge Kelly Clarkson, who filed in June of 2020 in Los Angeles County.

The singer is in the process of divorcing her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock. The husband, who grew up in Fort Worth, claims that he should receive half of all income and assets accumulated during their marriage. Clarkson’s prenup reportedly segregates all assets and income derived during her marriage. Clarkson already has primary custody of the couple’s two children because Blackstock resides in Montana. She also filed to restore her last name legally.

Blackstock will not come away empty-handed

Blackstock will likely receive almost $50,000 in monthly child support until their youngest child turns 18, but he is currently receiving nearly between $150,000 and $200,000 per month until the divorce is final. She will also pay her husband’s $1 million-plus legal fees. According to court documents, Clarkson earns $1.5 million per month. A talent manager with his own company, Blackstock is said to be worth $10 million.

Divorce likely soon finalized

Clarkson and Blackstock seem to have rulings on the two most common sticking points in a divorce – custody as well as the prenup and division of assets – and the media predicts that the couple will wrap up their divorce soon.

Clarkson was well-represented by the lawyer who drew up an effective prenuptial agreement. Those who also want a document that stands up in court here in Texas can often get similar results by working with an experienced Board-Certified Texas family law expert attorney.