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Changing the father's name on the birth certificate in Texas

Families nowadays are not always as traditional and expected as they once were. In fact, many Texas residents have chosen, and continue to choose, to have children out of wedlock. Because of that, paternity matters are a major concern in Texas courts as well as in the courts across the country. In many cases, a child may be born to unmarried parents, who are not sure of the child's paternity.

Texas lawyers further the rights of fathers

With more and more Texas residents having children out of wedlock, paternity issues have become a major cause of concern in the courts. In some cases where the minor child is born to parents who are sure of the paternity of the child, the unwed father may voluntarily acknowledge paternity. Cases like this are easy to deal with. However, disputes regarding paternity may complicate the situation.

Programs promoting responsible fatherhood among Texas fathers

In Texas, as well as in other states, the United States Department of Health and Human Services runs the Responsible Fatherhood Grants Programs. This is part of the $150 million annual effort to promote healthy marriages and responsible fatherhood among parents across the United States.

Texas programs promoting responsible fatherhood

In many family situations, a child looks up to that child's father during the influential years of youth. A father can be not only a role model for his child but also a friend, philosopher and guide. However, this is usually true only when a father is responsible and caring. Federal and Texas authorities understand the importance of this responsibility and thus a number of policies, strategies and programs have been implemented in order to promote responsible fatherhood.

How do you establish paternity in Texas?

In Texas, paternity is the legal identification of fatherhood; it creates an undeniable and important bond between a father and his child. An unmarried man who sires a child is not automatically recognized as the father. Instead, an unmarried couple must establish paternity in order for the father to be recognized legally as the parent.

Sound legal knowledge helps Texas fathers protect their rights

Historically, fathers have usually taken a backseat when it comes to child custody matters. The courts have long preferred giving custody of minor children to biological mothers. Recently however various fathers' rights advocates have pressed the rights of biological fathers to gain the physical and legal custody of their biological minor children.

Rights of unmarried fathers in Texas

Compared with mothers, historically fathers' rights in case of child custody has been downplayed. The situation is worsened when the child is born out of wedlock. Unmarried fathers seeking custody of their biological children have to go through a longer process and a plethora of documents.

How can an unmarried father establish paternity in Texas?

In Texas, as in many other states in the nation, a man is declared to be an "adjudicated father" if a court of law declares so. A man's paternity can be called into question for many reasons. Problems like this are exacerbated for unmarried fathers.

Why is it necessary to establish paternity in Texas?

When a child is born in Texas and there's a question as to the paternity, it's important that steps be taken to establish who the biological father is. There are many reasons for this. This is for both the mother and father so the child can be appropriately cared for, can have a relationship with both parents through shared parenting and other legal issues can be clear for the child's future. When it comes to fathers' rights, the first step is to take a paternity test and ensure that the child belongs to the presumed father.

How to handle fathers' rights cases in Texas

In Texas, there are often circumstances in which a child's paternity is in question. This could be for a variety of reasons and have numerous possible outcomes. It is often in the news how a famous or wealthy person is accused of fathering a child that he refuses to pay for. In other instances, custody issues come to the forefront and the paternity must be determined via paternity test.

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