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Texas law for property division in a divorce

Property division is one of the most common issues that comes up when a couple in Texas chooses to end their marriage. This is true whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more moderate means. For those who are concerned about this aspect of family law or are in the midst of a dispute, it is wise to understand the law and how it divides the property of a couple that is ending a union. With a divorce or annulment, the court will order that the estate be divided in a way that is considered fair. The rights of the parties and children, if any, will be considered.

Seeking a post-divorce modification with a Texas attorney

When spouses in Texas go through a divorce and reach a settlement, they might be under the impression that there cannot be any changes to the agreement. However, a post-divorce modification can happen for a multitude of reasons. There could be a need or desire for a custodial parent to move. One of the former spouses could choose to remarry. There could be a sickness that arises in one of the former spouses or a child. Regardless of the reason, having legal help in seeking a modification is imperative.

What do motions for enforcement orders in Texas contain?

People in Texas who are ordered to pay child support or spousal support are required to do so by law. If they fail to fulfill their obligations, there is a likelihood that there will be an enforcement order. There are contents of motion in an enforcement proceeding and those who are involved need to have a grasp on what they are and how to understand them.

Family legal issues and voiding a marriage in Texas

In Texas, there are certain circumstances under which a marriage that was entered into was not done so legally and it is therefore void. This is an aspect of family law in the state that must be understood, especially if there is a dispute as to a marriage's validity. Those who are involved in a marriage that might be subject to being disallowed under this law should make sure that they are aware of how this is dealt with.

How Texas law views family law and marriage without formalities

In Texas, there are couples who choose not to get married through conventional means and instead have what is known as an informal marriage. This is alternatively referred to as a common-law marriage. In order for the state to consider a marriage to be valid in spite of its being informal, there must be certain factors in place. This is important to remember in the event that there are children as part of the union and the couple parts ways and family legal issues involving support arise.

What is the general duration for spousal support in Texas?

A Texas couple that divorces will often have one former spouse paying spousal support to the other. The law has certain criteria for how this is determined and in what amount. What many might not be aware of is that in most cases, alimony is not going to last forever. There is a duration for the maintenance and it will end at a certain point. When it ends depends on the circumstances of each individual situation.

Texas AG Office Holds Child Support Payments From Parents

When a person in Texas receives a ruling on how much child support the person is supposed to pay or receive after a relationship has ended, there may be a belief that there shouldn't be any problems moving forward. One of the most frequent family law issues that ends up in dispute has to do with child support, so when the issue is supposedly settled, the last thing that a parent expects is for the payments to not be paid. That, however, does happen and it's important for these parents to understand what to do to get the payments that are owed to them.

What is the law for stepparent adoption in Texas?

One of the most difficult situations to navigate in Texas family law has to do with children. Adoption of a child can be contentious and there is great foundation for dispute. There are certain state laws in place to protect children and parents as well as to make certain that the person trying to complete the adoption has the right to do so. Before moving forward with a petition of adoption, it is imperative to understand the law.

Family law: how Texas recognizes grandparents' rights

Texas judges always award child custody with the best interest of the child in mind. While, in most cases, it is determined that the best interest of the child lies in living with one of the biological parents, there are some cases where living with the biological parents can hinder the minor child's emotional and physical well-being. The courts often grant custody of minor children to close family members, such as grandparents, in that type of situation.

The rights of grandparents in Texas - Visitation

A grandparent can file a lawsuit in Texas asking for custody if that grandparent is able to prove that such custody is in the best interest of the child. In this post, we will see if a grandparent without custody has possession or access rights to his or her grandchild.

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