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December 2014 Archives

What rules in Rhode Island cover child support modification?

What rules in Rhode Island cover child support modification? Chapter 15-5 covers divorce and separation in the state of Rhode Island and section 15-5-16.7 lays out the law regarding the review of child support order. First, this section relies on an order being valid and enforceable pursuant to the Rhode Island state plan for child support enforcement, which is defined in section 15-16-5(a).

Understanding community property laws in Texas

Financial aspects relating to divorce proceedings often become the most heated debates before Texas family court. Under Texas law, property division is scrutinized with a multitude of technical legalities. While both spouses have the right to marital or community property, a partner may designate or prove one or more properties or assets as solely and wholly owned by only one spouse and therefore not subject to division.

How can a jailed parent modify a child support order in Texas?

Child support is one of the most contentious issues during divorce proceedings in Texas. Cases relating to child support can become more complicated in cases where the child is born to unmarried parents. Many times the non-custodial parent who is liable to pay child support may also be in prison. In such cases, child-support orders already issued by the court may need to be modified.

"Best interests of the child" for determining child custody

Child custody often becomes a major bone of contention for estranged parents. Texas child custody matters are brought to family court for assessment either during separation of parents by divorce or in cases where the child is born to unmarried parents. In Texas, and elsewhere, a court usually determines child custody issues by determining the "best interest of the child."

Sound legal knowledge helps Texas fathers protect their rights

Historically, fathers have usually taken a backseat when it comes to child custody matters. The courts have long preferred giving custody of minor children to biological mothers. Recently however various fathers' rights advocates have pressed the rights of biological fathers to gain the physical and legal custody of their biological minor children.

Many seeking online funding for child adoptions

Adoption is a noble cause. It offers children without parents a home with caring adults who desire a child. Even though adoption is a beautiful concept, the procedure is not only lengthy but expensive. As a result, many Texas couples have resorted to various creative ways of funding their adoption procedure in order to bring home a child.

Definition of "alimony paid" per IRS rules

Alimony or spousal support is defined as the amount of money paid by one estranged spouse to the other after divorce in order to establish financial equitability. Per the Internal Revenue Services, or the IRS, alimony is based on the principle of equitable income.

How is child support enforced per federal law?

Child support laws have been established to make sure that a child whose parents are estranged does not have to suffer due to financial instabilities of the family. Child support enforcement is a great concern in Texas. Often, the non-custodial parent may try and evade paying child support. Enforcing such child support order thus becomes a matter of primary importance.

Rights of unmarried fathers in Texas

Compared with mothers, historically fathers' rights in case of child custody has been downplayed. The situation is worsened when the child is born out of wedlock. Unmarried fathers seeking custody of their biological children have to go through a longer process and a plethora of documents.

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